"Hi-King Takase" Release Party

どもっ!! Matsuyamaっす~~!!

( Hi !! I'm Matsuyama !! )


先日、"Hi-King Takase" 君のNew Album "New タカセ" がReleaseされました!!

 ( The other day, The new album " New Takase" was released by "Hi-King Takase" !! )


MC Battleも含めて積極的な動きを常にしている印象があります。

( I have an impression that he is active positively. For example, It's MC Battle. )



( I mostly meet him at the club. )



( He is as modest as anything, but the his live is quite unlike him. )


そんな関西屈指のMC Takase君のRelease Partyが今週の日曜日、7/9に大阪はアメリカ村、"TRIANGLE"で夕方18時から開催!!

 ( He is one of the greatest MC in Kansai, On this Sunday, His release party is going to held in TRIANGLE of Americamura !! )



( I can't go to it.... I'm extremely disappointed... )



( I'm so jealous who can go to this party... )



( I want to go ~~ !! )


Hi-King TAKASE "Web Site" → Check!!



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Thank You~~!!