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Summer Sale - Pantograph Store,dorcus,dorcus-tbs,

どもっ!! Matsuyamaっす~~!!

( Hi !! I'm Matsuyama~~!! )



( The rainy season is almost over, So Summer season will start soon !! )


この時期と言えばもちろんサマーセールサマーセール!! 街を歩いていても "Sale" の文字が目に飛び込んで来るっす!!

( It is a summer sale in this period.  I walk the streets that a poster of "Sale" jumps out at me !! )



( I'm about to stop there...Close call....  )

普段から大変お世話になっている、"Dorcus-tbs" さん!! もちろんWeb Storeの "Pantograph Store" の方でもサマーセールが始まっております。

( Dorcus-tbs is always looking after me. The summer sale has begun on "Pantograph Store". )



 ( I have got a T-shirts & cap!! So All of those is very comfortable!! )


そしてなんと言ってもデザインがめっちゃ可愛いっすよ!! 女性の方にもオススメっす!!

( The best thing of all, The design is very cool!! I recommend those to a women !! )



( There are many goods, and Of course, There are so many skate deck !! )


自分の作品、"Skater's Delight" "Dorcus Top Breeding Mix Vol.07" のジャケットデザインのデッキもあります!!

( There are "Skater's Delight" "Dorcus Top Breeding Mix Vol.07" Jacket design of skate deck!! These are my works !! )



(  Please check this store this time ♫ )

Pantograph Store → Check!!

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Thank You~~!!