Air Controller 2017 at 服部緑地音楽堂

Air Controller 2017 at 服部緑地音楽堂

どもっ!! Matsuyamaっす~~!!

( Hi!! I'm Matsuyama~~!! )


本日、毎年恒例のドシブなイベント "エアコン 2017" が開催されるっすね~!!

( The Air Controller 2017 will be held today!! It has really dope event annually !! )


しかもゲストライブは "RAS G" !!

( Besides, Guest Live is Ras G!! )



( So, Shigechiyo take part in the event...I want to go...In addition It's free admission. )



( Too awesome... )



( I can't go to event at all lately...Now is the time to be patient...I'll do absolutely!!



( That said, It's cloudy but It dose not seem to rain. )



( Toyonaka's Hattori ryokuchi ongakudo!! )


最高な一日になる事間違いなし!! ぜひ皆さん楽しんで来て下さいっす~🎵

( There is no doubt that it will be the best day!! Please enjoy this event🎵 )


因みに茂千代君は夕方位(16時位から)らしっすよ!! その後RAS Gらしっす!!

( I heard Shigechiyo's live is around 4PM, after that RAS G's live !! )

If there are any incorrect English sentence, Please fix them by comment!!


Thank You~~!!