Shing02 New Song "Oyanakase" 親泣かせ

どもっ!! Matsuyamaっす~~!!

( Hi!! I'm Matsuyama~~!! )


先日、大阪はアメリカ村 "Circus" の方でShing02さんのLiveがありました!!

( The other day, There was a live of Shing02 at Circus in Amemura, Osaka!! )



( I think that It is a while since he come to Osaka for live. Maybe, It is for the first time about one year. )



( Of course I wen to play there~~. )



( That was great!!  It was full... )



( It was very popular!! )


Liveも1時間位みっちり!! お腹いっぱいになりました!!

( The Live was 1 hours!! I was very satisfying!! )



( I was glad that I could see him♫ )


そんな大人気のShing02さんが、日本語でNew release!!

( Shing02 releases Japanese new song!! )


しかもFree Downloadっすよ!! とんでもない事っす。。。

( And It's free download...That's amazing... )


Produceは何度も一緒に作品を出している "Yakkle" さん!!

( Produced by Yakkle. He has collaborated with Shing02 many times!! )



( For sure!! )



( Please check it out!! )

Free Download → Check!!

If there are any incorrect English sentence, Please fix them by comment!!


Thank You~~!!