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MPC Keychains, cremacaffe design

どもっ!! Matsuyamaっす~!!

(Hi!! I'm Matsuyama~~!!)



(The other day, I found a nice item when I checked on instagramII)


自分もBeat制作の時に使っているMPC!! そのMPCのネックレスのトップ!! しかも木製っす!!

(I make the beat with MPC!! It's a necklace top of MPC!! And It's made of wood!!)



( I fell in love with this at first sight... )


すぐWebをチェクして購入!! 一週間ちょいで到着!!

( I checked the web and bought it at once!! It arrived about a week!! )



( At this time It is my favorite. I always wear this when I go out!! )


こちらのShop "cremacaffe design" さんは他にも色々なアイテムを販売してます!!

( In this shop "cremacaffe design" sells many other items!! )



( I am having an interest some other items. )



( Please check this website!! )


cremacaffe design → Check!!



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Thank You~~!!