all these years feat. Shing02 & Marter / Kenichiro Nishihara

どもっ!! Matsuyamaっす~~ !!

( Hi!! I'm Matsuyama~~ !! )



( The other day, The wonderful movie was released by SNS of Shing02!! )



( Have you checked already?? )


僕はイントロからやられましたね~~!! 素直にこんな曲も作ってみたいって思いました!!

( The intro really got to me!! I thought that I want to make sounds like this!! )


"Kenichiro Nishihara"のベストミックス+リミックスの2枚組アルバムの中の1曲みたいっすね~~!!

( This works is one of the song in Kenichiro Nishihara's album!! )



( I'm thinking that I'm going to check this album!! )



( Everyone, Please check this wonderful works!! )

unprivate acoustics & Jazcraft → Check!!

If there are any incorrect English sentence, Please fix them by comment!!


Thank You~~!!