Adopted an AKAI MPC LIVE

Introduction of AKAI MPC LIVE


( Hi!! )


ついに導入しました "MPC LIVE" !!

( 1 finally adopted an AKAI MPC LIVE !! )


以前は "MPC STUDIO" を使ってたんですが、やはり導入の決め手はスタンドアロンで動くって事っすかね!!

( Before I used to use MPC STUDIO, As a matter of fact deciding factor of adopt is that will run stand-alone!! )



( Of course It's wonderful to be able to do almost the same things, as well as being able to produce with out using a PC!! )



( The impression I actually tried it, I known that Plug in effect cant use for stand-alone mode. but I surprised that Sub Mixer can not use it. )



( I used a Sub Mixer a lot, I changed my working style after adopt it. )


後は今のとこ最高っす!! なんだが音も良くなった気がするし、バッチリ!!

( Now It's a best!! I'm feeling that the sounds changed good!! )



( I'm thinking that I will use it a lot in my studio and outside from now on!! )

AKAI Professional → Check!!

Thank you~~!!