( Hi!! )



( Sorry I'm late, Happy New Year!! )



( To tell the truth, I have practiced finger drumming from end of year. )


せっかくMPC LIVEも持ってるし、毎日の制作、そして毎月のビートテープ、映像に少し動きが欲しかったのがきっかけ。

( The reason is because I have a MPC LIVE and I want to more action on my movie for production every day and monthly beat tape. )


そこで以前に聞いていた "Melodics" をやってみることにしました。

( I have heard things of Melodics before. so I decided to try it. )


とりあえずお試しで1ヶ月、大体三千円位っす。 年間の契約で大分安くなるみたいっすよ!!

( First of all. I'm trying for three month, It's about 3,000yen. But One year contract becomes very cheep!! )


ただMPC LIVEには対応してないと思われます!! MPC LIVEしか持ってない方は要注意!!

( it's a problem, Maybe It doesn't correspond to MPC LIVE!! Only MPC LIVE user needs attention!! )


自分はMPC Studioがあるのでそれで練習!! ゲームみたいで結構ハマります!!

( I've had a MPC Studio, So I try to practice with it!! it's like a TV game that is so fun!! )



( I want to play my sounds with MPC LIVE In various places this year!! )



( Please check my sounds and Please talk to me~~!! )

Melodics → Check



thank You~~!!