Road Trip To Tokyo - Spotify Playlist

Road Trip To Tokyo - Spotify Playlist


( Hi!! )


毎月ビートテープをSpotifyやApple Musicなどのから配信させていただいてるんですが、今月に配信したビートテープの中から "Clock Tower" がSpotifyの公式Playlistに入りました。

( I release a beat tape on Spotify, Apple Music and other platform every month. So Clock Tower of my beats was added on Spotify official playlist. )


Road Trip To Tokyo


"東京の旅のお供に" って言うコンセプトのプレイリストみたいです。

( This concept is to listen for your trip to Tokyo. )



( Other artists is a brilliant member. I'm so happy!! ) 



( I want a lot of people to listen for good music life!! )



( Please check it out!! )



Road Trip To Tokyo → Check!!



Thank you~~!!