"Info" beat tape Vol,12 / nap of fall - Beat by Matsuyama with AKAI MPC LIVE

beat tape vol.12 / nip of hall -beat by matsuyama with akai mpc live

beat tape Vol.12 / nip of fall - Beat by Matsuyama


Format : Digital

Release Date :  November 30, 2018

Released by : Room Autobahn Studio

Track List

  1. Something to Close
  2. The Sunshine
  3. Footstep of Autumn
  4. In the Park
  5. After the Rain
  6. Pass Through
  7. Red Sky.wav

All Beats by : Matsuyama

All Mixed & Mastered by : Matsuyama

The Sound Tracks of In London Movie, with AKAI MPC STUDIO and Gopro Hero 6


( Hi!! )



( The end of October, I wen to London!! )



( I was thinking, In this travel of London I want to take a movie and recording. )



( I was considering to buy gopro or stabilizer of DJI for smart phone, But I bought a gopro, because It was very compact!! )



( Actually I used a gopro. It's a better!! I always use a smart phone as mobile. so I can not use it in time of need. I have to set a smart phone to stabilizer each time. )



( A Gopro is compact, so It can be put on my pocket of parker and jacket.It so easy. I always put on it in my pocket, There was no inconvenience.)



( But maybe movie of a stabilizer is better than a Gopro. There are a lot of image blur, Because I think that I am lacking in my skills. )



( I need to pay attention to the blur of the image when I will be recording a movie!! )



( I made this beats by myself for this movie!! )



( It's free download from Bandcamp!! Please check if you like!! )



( I need to study for next movie!! )

Beats Info → Check!!



Thank You~~!!



Dorcus-tbs Brand New Clips [続・FRONT LINERS -photogenic series promo-]


( Hi!! )


つい先日、"Dorcus" さんからまたもやNew Clipsが投下されました!!

( Just the other day, New clips of skate was released from Dorcus!! )


スパンがはやいっすね〜!! さすがVENIXさんっす!!

( He works very fast!! That's Venix san!! )



( The other day, Signature Model of three dorcus's rider was released for dorcus. This movie is promotion video of their!!)


今回の映像では、以前発売された7inch Single "Skater's Delight Feat. BASI" のインストのRemix バージョンを使って頂いております!!

( The remix version of instrumental of before released my 7inchi single "Skater's Delight Feat. BASI" is used in this movie!!

Thank s for using my sound!! )



( Please enjoy this dope skate movie and my sound!! )



( Please check it out!! )

Dorcus-tbs → Check!!



Thank you~~!!