Beat Maker born in Akita, now based in Osaka, Japan🇯🇵


DJing for over two decades and producing Hip-hop Beats since 2013, Matsuyama uses MPC LIVE for making beats, and SP-404SX for live beat performance.


Currently, I release a Lo-Fi vibe beat tape, I’m on "Vol.51" and will aim for Vol.100…🔥

I have released well over 300 tracks, with hundreds more in the vault, or in the works…💥


Matsuyama has collaborated with artists and released two 7inch singles so far, “Taka-Mic (高舞句) feat. Shigechiyo (茂千代) & Shing02”, and “2nd. Skater's Delight feat. BASI from In-Shisuto (韻シスト)”.


I also produced the soundtrack for skate movie for Dorcus-TBS in Osaka. I continue to work with other artists and brands under the motto “Making is My Life”.

Please check my sound…🙌


Thank you🙏


Matsuyama Shing02