どもっ!! Matsuyamaっす~~!!

( Hi!! I'm Matsuyama~~!! )



( It is the end of October, I went to London, It was second time. )



( This time I had a little free time. So I had also sightseeing.... )



( I visited Windsor Castle and Tower of London. )



( Windsor Castle is little far from city of London.  It took about an hour by train. )



( But the train window view towards the countryside was wonderful, One hour passed by in a blink. )



( The Castle was so wonderful. Inside was beautiful, Because It is still in use by current. There were a lot of display item. )



( The guide also supports Japanese. So It was really nice!! )


ロンドン塔もシブかった!! ロンドン塔は結構街の中心にありました!!

( Tower of London was so cool!!  It was in the center of city!! )



( It seems that It was originally made to protect London. After that It seems that It was used as a prison!! )


( It seems that a ghost appears..... I was impressed, So I didn't notice a ghost. )



( It was a really good trip this time too🎵 )



( I will plan various things and I want to go London too!! )

If there are any incorrect English sentence, Please fix them by comment!!


Thank You~~!!

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MPC Software 2.0 Upgrade

どもっ!!  Matsuyamaっす~~!!

( Hi!! I'm Matsuyama~~!! )


遂に来ましたね~~ "MPC Software 2.0 Upgrade" !!

( Finally... MPC Software 2.0 is available for upgrade!! )


今までは、先日発売になった MPC X, MPC Live, そせて MPC Touch のユーザーの人しか使う事が出来なかったっす。

( This Software was only can used by MPC X, MPC Live and MPC Touch user until now. )


でもAKAIのホームページには、MPC Studioも使えるようになると、、、一体いつになるのか、、、

( But, AKAI web wrote that this software will be able to use by MPC Studio...When will this be available... )


AKAIのUSのカスタマーサポートに問い合わせても、"まだ未定" との返事。。。

( I contacted to AKAI customer support. but They answered me "It is still unknown" ... )


早く使いたくて、MPC Liveを本気で買おうか悩んでいた最中のこのニュース!!

( I want to use it, So I was really thinking that I will buy a MPC LIVE. But I heard this good news!! )



( Finally It available!! )



( I think I will try to do upgrade to a MPC Software 2.0!! )



( I expect that making the beats to be more fun than ever... )



( I look forward to it🎵 )

AKAI Professional → Check!!

If there are any incorrect English sentence, Please fix them by comment!!


Thank You~~!!

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